This is the logo for Flashtrack Digital


Watercolor artwork of business man and woman meeting to identify goals of customer.

Step One…Business Insights.

We meet with you in person to better understand your business and identify the most important things prospective customers need to know.

We use proprietary evaluative tools to streamline the development process.

We research your competitors to more effectively differentiate your enterprise.

Step Four…Monthly Consulting.

We consult with you to recommend creative and promotional offers to feature in your advertising messages.

We write, design the graphics, produce and deploy the advertising for all digital media you approve as well as write monthly blogs to improve organic search engine results.





Step Two…Strategy. Design. Production.

We use your business insights to create websites and digital marketing strategies that creatively communicate what makes your business better.

We use that information to embed keywords, blog copy and other search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help your website outperform the competition.

We embrace Google's best practices criteria to ensure optimum website performance.

We develop digital media recommendations using the most potent digital media channels: Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram, and email marketing.

We’re affordable…..because we’re efficient. We design, produce and launch most websites in 3 weeks or less. (From the time we have all your information, logos, images and other assets.) Our prices are not based on the number of website pages….We build custom websites based on what your business needs. We get results.

Step Three…Analytics.

We track your website and digital advertising performance using comprehensive analytics to adjust and improve your campaigns each month.

Each month, we run Google Analytics reports to assess what's working and what's not.

Every month, we measure social media results to constantly improve your advertising return on investment.

We constantly monitor & make adjustments to Google Adwords campaigns to improve results.

Every month we share the analytics reports with you and provide our recommendations about how to enhance your website and digital marketing performance.