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What are analytics and why are they important?

Most businesses measure success based on sales performance. But a lot of variables such as pricing, seasonality, competitive activity, and others are beyond our control. So instead, the analytics we study include the speed of your website, time spent on site, bounce-rate, digital media impressions (and cost per impression), click-through rate, contact form submissions, phone calls generated, and similar engagement statistics. We use this information to identify trends that help us make your advertising dollars work harder and more efficiently over time.

How long before I can expect to be up and running?

From the time you sign a contract, complete our client intake form (together and in-person with our digital marketing consultant), and provide us with the digital assets (logos, photos, links to manufacturer partners, etc.) it typically takes us three weeks to build & launch your website, provide you with a recommended media strategy, write your 1st blog, and implement the entire digital marketing program.

What will I learn from my monthly call?

We’ll share key performance data and summarize digital marketing analytics.  We’ll discuss website updates and media strategy for the next month. We’ll confirm budgets…And then following the call, we’ll implement the campaign based on what you have approved.

How many changes can I make to my website?

We understand that from time-to-time you’ll need to update your services, featured products, contact information, add new personnel to your “Team” page and other information presented on your website. We also know that occasionally, you’ll want to refresh the photos to keep your website from getting stale. Our system allows you to provide us with this new information one time each month.  More frequent change requests can be requested at a nominal extra charge, depending on the extent of changes you desire.

What does “Free Consultation” really mean?

This refers to our initial meeting to introduce you to Flashtrack Digital’s services; discuss your company’s digital marketing needs; and learn about your business so that we can create a dynamic website and digital media advertising strategy that’s right for your business. There is no obligation to engage with us following this meeting.  But should you elect to utilize our services, the information we discuss will lay the foundation for our creative and production teams to get started building your campaign. There is no charge whatsoever for this meeting.

How long does the initial consultation take?

It typically takes about 20 minutes for our digital marketing consultant to summarize our services and answer your questions. Thereafter, if you choose to work with us, we’ll need another hour or so to complete our services agreement and client in-take form.

What kind of security and website back-up do you provide?

We use Amazon Web Services that provides security and hosts backups throughout the world.

What is the procedure to tell you that I wish to change something on my website?

Flashtrack Digital utilizes project management software to schedule and assign tasks for all client projects.  One dynamic feature of this tool is that clients can simply send an email “change” request and it will be automatically routed to one of our senior project managers for review and scheduling. The system will automatically send you an email with a status update as we implement your request.

What do I need to bring to my in-person meeting?

If you have a Facebook page and a Google Adwords account, we’ll need your user name and log-on information.

How can you get to know enough about my business to create a good looking and functional website?

We have decades of experience owning and consulting with small business.  So we get it. Moreover, our client in-take form features questions designed to learn the most important facts about your business, your competitors and your customers.  We use this information to isolate the “key” attributes about your company that will drive the strategy, design and content for your website.  Remember that we don’t need to know everything….just the most relevant customer benefits you deliver day in and day out.

Can I have my money back if I am not happy?

Client satisfaction is what’s most important to us. So if you’re not happy with the draft website we create for your business, you can cancel your contract without incurring any additional charges beyond the start-up fee. Additionally, you have the option of canceling anytime with 30-days written notice (an email is perfectly acceptable).  

Do you do logos?

Though what we do is highly creative, we specialize in website design and digital media marketing. We therefore do not offer logo design services.  We can refer you to other qualified resources for this service.

How can you provide all these services at such a low price?

Flashtrack Digital utilizes enterprise software that allows us to deliver our digital marketing services effectively and efficiently. Moreover, because our clients have limited marketing resources, we offer only essential Google Adwords and Facebook advertising versus other digital marketing options like Pre-Roll, retargeting, etc. Basically, Flashtrack Digital’s marketing system delivers what’s most important for small business.

Can I do the monthly call through email?

Yes, but we don’t advise doing it this way. Our experience is that a short monthly telephone meeting provides an opportunity to brainstorm and update strategies and tactics that are typically lost through email meetings alone.

What other services do you offer?

We recognize that some clients need help with email marketing, reputation management and other digital marketing. We encourage you to visit our “Services” dropdown menu on this website for a more complete list of services we offer.  Or feel free to call our sales department for more information.

Can’t I do this myself?

All of our clients are smart enough to do digital marketing themselves.  And there are lots of tools to assist them in the endeavor. But typically, they don’t have the experience to get this done without investing a lot of time to learn about digital marketing; keep up with rapidly changing technology, best practices and security; and/or they’re too busy running other aspects of their business. Because of the low cost of our services, most small business owners discover Flashtrack Digital can do it quicker and better.