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We’ll research which digital media will be most effective to reach and influence your best sales prospects. We’ll recommend how much to invest in search engine marketing, social media advertising, and delineate which platforms we believe will deliver the best return on investment. Typically, our recommendations include a “testing” component to help us improve results each month. Our consultants will provide you with more information about our process to make sure your advertising is working.

Digital Advertising Strategy

Unlike other digital marketing firms, we are small business experts and we believe it’s important to meet and learn about your business, in person. So we'll come to your place of business with important questions to better understand your goals and what makes your enterprise different and better than your competitors. We’ll help you refine your target audience to make sure your website and digital campaigns are relevant and well targeted to your best prospects. We’ll consult on promotional strategies to fuel engagement. And we’ll use this data as a foundation for your entire digital marketing initiative.

In-Person Analysis

We’ll design and produce a creative, custom website to differentiate your small business and capture more customers. Our service includes best practices Search Engine Optimization (SEO), copywriting for the entire website, plus a blog article to aid your organic search engine ranking.

Customized Websites for Small Business

We’ll drive customers to your website utilizing the best keywords at effective bid prices to ensure optimum impressions and clicks to your website. We’ll serve custom ad copy of interest to your best prospects. And we’ll actively manage campaigns to ensure your ads are delivered to people searching for the products or service you offer, not to people looking for things you don’t sell.

Search Engine Media Buying & Management

We leverage Facebook and other platforms' extensive targeting tools to deliver customized ads promoting your business. We concentrate on these two social media channels because they are the most dominate platforms and the most effective for small business.

Social Media Advertising

We will add posts to your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages advising “followers” about new blogs and promotional offers on your website. These posts will include links to landing pages on your website designed to boost traffic and organic search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo & Bing) so you show up higher on a results page.

Social Media Posting

Flashtrack Digital will write, design and produce all ads for Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising and website landing pages that will provide customers with more information about your business and promotions. (The landing pages will also be instrumental in improving website quality scores, important to boost search engine page rankings.)

Advertising Creative

Each month, we’ll write a new article of interest to your customers and prospective customers. These may include tips, insights, or other news concerning your industry, products and/or services. We’ll post these blogs to your website and announce them on your social media page. This service is an integral task to boost organic search engine rankings for your website.

Monthly Blog Articles

Each month, we’ll work collaboratively with you to conceive unique promotions and offers we can promote to help increase sales.

Promotional Consulting

Each month, Flashtrack Digital will provide you with detailed metrics showing you how well your website and digital advertising campaigns are working.

Performance Analytics & Reporting

In concert with the performance reports we provide to you each month, one of our digital marketing consultants will provide insights and recommendations based on the prior month’s results. With your approval, we’ll adjust the creative and media deployment to impact the following month’s campaign, keeping in mind our goal to always improve monthly results.

Monthly Telephone Review & Planning Meetings

Woman in chair thinking about how to promote a small business through social media channels.